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esports is a huge business — already exceeding $20 billion in revenue and growing 30 percent annually.

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esports is a huge business — already exceeding $20 billion in revenue and growing 30 percent annually. By most measures, esports is the fastest rising media and entertainment property of all time.

By 2030, esports will become both the most watched and the most played sport around the globe, reaching an estimated 3 billion fans. 

Recent News February 2020

  • International Esports Beijing China 2020
  • The Beijing Municipality announced the city will fully support industries, including esports
  • The city will host the “Esports Beijing 2020” series of events, with Tencent co-hosting the 2020 Honor of Kings World Champion Cup Grand Final, and QQ Speed National Open Final.
  • As well as tournaments, the city will host an international “Esports Innovation Conference” and “Esports Trade Fair.” These are the first esports-related policies announced by a government in China

esports has just started!

Thousands of people are already searching for tickets, booking hotels, booking their flights, etc. NOW is the time to get in!

YOU can be part of this massive potential. Play your cards right, spend some time in good SEO and the upside is enormous, You can fill these domains with affiliate links and Adsense and make potentially loads of money. People from ALL OVER THE WORLD will be booking and buying!

All over the world, millions of people will be looking for "esports" related topics in the next years.

You can also use the website to show video clips of the events, news, games, have Amazon affiliate links on it for merchandise and other products. It is a great business opportunity! 

How can you monetize this site? Create a page for different topics and SEO the page aggressively. Here are just a few examples :

1) Tickets: Cooperate and use an affiliate network. You can join and start earning. The whole world will be buying tickets for esports events worldwide.

2) Hotels: Lots of travel sites offer an affiliate network for hotels. Simply become an affiliate and start earning. People will not be booking one night in a hotel, they are likely to book anything from one week to the whole duration of the events. That adds up!

Prices for decent hotels are usually well over $200 per night. Somebody who books 1 month in a hotel: at $200 per night x 30 nights = $6.000 for only 1 booking for 1 Pers. Your affiliate commissions can be absolutely enormous with all. Hotels will surely take advantage of esports and push their prices up for the duration of the events, which will be even better for you as an affiliate.

3) Rent a house: There are lots of websites with an affiliate network for renting houses.

4) Flights: You can imagine how many people will be booking flights. Be an affiliate of a travel website.

5) Merchandise: Millions of people will be buying, caps, T-shirts, keyrings, mugs, pens, etc. That means more potential money as an affiliate.

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