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Preis-Typ Verhandelbar (Preisvorschlag - Verkäufer kontaktieren)
Markenart Wortmarke
Markenklassen Klasse 35, Klasse 38
Geltungsbereich Europa (EUIPO)
Tag der Anmeldung 16.04.2018
Tag der Eintragung 02.11.2018
Tag der Veröffentlichung 05.11.2018
Wurde die Marke benutzt Nein
Markenalter unter 50 Jahre
Marken mit Domain Ja
Domains inklusive Ja
Übernehmbare Homepage vorhanden Nein
Produkt- / Dienstleistungsangebot kann übernommen werden Nein
Firmenmantel/Unternehmen kann übernommen werden Nein

MedFairy is a EU-wide protected word mark and can be used for Analytics & AI, as Digital Communication Platfom (class 9, 35, 38, 42) and for (IT) Consutling, Marketing & Research purposes (class 35, 42). The brand was intended to be used for the medical sector (class 44).

Preferably, the brand is sold with the domains,,, and in a package for an estimated price of 8.000 Euro. 


Class 9:

Recorded computer programs; Computer software, recorded; Computer programs [downloadable software]; Downloadable software applications for computers, interfaces for computers.

Class 35:

Updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; Updating and maintenance of information in registries; Busi- ness management and organization consultancy; Professional business consulting; Business research; Computerized file management; Data search in computer files for others; Com- pilation of statistics; Business management for freelance service providers; Marketing studies; Market studies; Opinion polling; Web site traffic optimization; Search engine optimisa- tion for sales promotion; Systemization of information into computer databases; Appointment reminder services [office functions]; Appointment scheduling services [office functions]; Compilation of information into computer databases; Compiling indexes of information for commercial or advertising purposes.

Class 38:

Information about telecommunication; Providing user access to global computer networks; Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Providing internet chatrooms; Provision of on-line forums; Communications by computer terminals; Telecommunications routing and junction services; Computer-aided transmission of messages and im- ages; Voice mail services; Telephone services; Teleconferen- cing services; Transmission of digital files; Transmission of electronic mail; Message sending; Providing access to data- bases; Videoconferencing; Video-on-demand transmission.

Class 42:

Updating of computer software; Consultancy in the field of computer security; Computer technology consultancy; Data security consultancy; Information technology [IT] consultancy; Providing information on computer technology and program- ming via a web site; Providing search engines for the internet; Biological research; Cloud computing; Software design for others; Computer system design; Data encryption services; Digitization of documents [scanning]; Electronic data storage; Computer programming; Off-site data backup; Technical re- search; Clinical trials; Software as a service [SaaS]; Techno- logical consultation services; Rental of computers and com- puter software; Research services; Laboratory (Scientific -) services.

Class 44:

Pharmacy advice; Medical assistance; Hospitals; Psychologist (Services of a -); Animal healthcare services; Dentistry; Health centers; Medical clinic services; Convalescent home services; Nursing home services; Sanatoriums; Advisory services relat- ing to health; Orthodontic services; Medical advice for individu- als with disabilities; Telemedicine services; Therapy services.


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